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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful...Beautiful Snow!

So I told  you guys how we had snow on Sunday. On Monday, our world looked like this:
Back part of the apartment complex parking lot.
Melting slowly.

I'm not experienced driving in ice. This is our second winter here, and last winter we only had 3 snow days. But I have driven in slick conditions (during tropical storms where you can hydroplane off the highway at any moment: drawback of working in the medical field at 24-hour facilities, where you are expected to show up no matter what; through moss and slime on some back country roads in Puerto Rico, where it rains all the time; through mud and sand, also in Puerto Rico), so I said a prayer and made my way to the barn. Thankfully, there is an alternate route to the barn that is only through snow emergency routes, which means these roads will have been salted and plowed first.

My work schedule for Monday had been changed from 6am-6pm to 2pm-2am. I had not seen Lily on Sunday due to the inclement weather and wanted to check on her, and also needed to set up her feed for the next couple of days.

I made it to the barn in one piece.
Everything was covered in the white stuff. It was so, so beautiful!!
I was THRILLED to see this expression back on Lily's face. She is officially back to normal: relaxed, but happy and perky. The swelling on her legs was gone.
"Do you haz treats? No?.."
"...then I will continue eating thiz hay."
The fields.
The mud that always accompanies melting snow. Hate this part of it.

I brought Lily into the barn and put her in the wash stall with a small amount of her forage and rice bran pellets while I treated the fungal infection 

Eqyss Microtek anti-fungal shampoo. Best anti-fungal shampoo ever. Plus it smells amazing!

Anti-fungal powder prescribed by the vet back in FL. I purchased an extra jar before we moved North.
Add a small amount of powder (about 1 tbsp) to water (about 1 gallon)

Stir, and it turns into what looks like milk. I pour this over the affected areas every day for 7 days, then switch to every other day for 7 days. By then the fungus is usually gone.

Ice, ice baby.
On the way to take Lily back to the field.

Ice on the trees in the driveway.

New snow boots: Kamik Acadia boots. Rated to -40 F and have removable Thinsulate liners. We'll see how they hold up...


  1. We've got snow here too, so fun to take pics of the ponies in the snow!