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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Runaround

I've been a bad blogger. We've been suffering from the holiday madness on this end and work has been pretty crazy. I have 3 drafts in the making, including a book review and a Year-End Recap post that will go live on the 31st. Hey, the year isn't over till it's over! :)

In the meantime, have some photos from today. I was originally going to ride, but the temperature dropped 10 degrees in an hour. By the time I arrived at the barn mid-afternoon, it was 33 degrees and WINDY. I'd say those gusts were close to 40 mph. I'm not stupid. Lily got a good grooming and we set her and Queenie free in the arena to run around and play. Lily tore away from me the second I unclipped her lead rope.

First turn around the arena

Lily booking it.

Nice little collected canter, abs engaged and all.

She's finally learned to canter and gallop carrying herself correctly at liberty. I don't know if it's being outside all the time or if it's the trail work or both, but this mare did not use to look like this at her fastest gait.  I was grinning from ear to ear watching her go. She was so happy!

The girls kept asking to come in. We'd let them, then send them out again. I requested the last lap around the arena, so of course both of them went over to Kathy afterwards. :)
Check out Lily asking for permission.

It was a really sweet moment with Kathy and the girls.
My favorite photo
Groomed. Love how her winter coat is so shiny!

She always has to stare at me when I'm taking pics.


  1. Lily looks fantastic - and so clean! Nimo has been covered in mud for what seems like weeks now. I even gave him a full bath the day we had the crazy warm temps, but it did no good:(

    1. Thank you! She didn't look quite so clean in close up! Haha...I believe it about Nimo. The mud has been awful and having dark horses in this clay is almost as bad as having white horses. I keep removing more hair off of her simply because it is just easier to keep her clean. That Irish clip is going to get wider this coming week...

      Capital Cowgirl, who boards at my previous barn, wrote an awesome and hilarious post on the varieties of mud in our area. At least now I laugh whenever I encounter her plastered in "meringue mud"...Lol Here is the post: