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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Snaps: SNOW!!!

Most of these were taken while at work today. They had said 2" of snow in the forecast, but we had quite a bit more than that...

When it first started coming down.
The little fenced garden at work.
Employee parking lot.
I wanted to run outside and play in it so, so, so bad!!
The ER was RETARDEDLY busy. People in the MD/DC/VA area are notorious for not knowing how to drive in snow, yet they came pouring through our doors for total non-emergencies like swollen ears, minor scrapes and cuts, single episodes of vomiting/diarrhea in pets that were absolutely normal, one dog that had been smacking its lips too much, a hiccuping Lab (I kid you not!!), etc. It was bizarre.
Usually with nasty weather we only get the TRUE emergencies that are life-or-death, enough to make their owners risk their own lives in the process.
We saw 22 emergencies today. Only 3 of those required hospitalization. Just saying. 
My car with snow partially removed.
See? That's more than 2" on the roof. I was ankle deep in the stuff that had piled around the car.
And I'm a huge dork in only my second real winter ever...I was giggling the entire time I was removing snow from the car!
Home. LOOOVE the snow on the rooftops!!
My footprints in the stuff. I took my sweet time getting across the apartment complex parking lot, stomping through the white stuff.  It never lasts long on the ground here; had to take advantage of it while it was there!
The view from our balcony. :)


  1. SNOW!! When we lived in Maine I hated the stuff. But I miss it now. I would much rather that than the freezing rain!

  2. Beautiful! And I totally get wanting to play in the first snowfall of the season, even after living with the stuff all of my life. I really love it when it is deeper than my dogs.


    1. Thank you! We had another 4" this morning! Yaaay!

  3. I want snow. :( It snowed a couple times in Augusta, but nothing ever really substantial. My mom and I would travel every year to West Virginia to go skiing and that was my only real exposure to it. Jealous! (Except for the potential impact on riding - not jealous of that!)

    1. Oh the best part is riding in it! :D

  4. I'll keep my snow free california area but keep your beautiful pictures for looking at. :P