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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We had another 4" to 6" of snow dumped on us last night. We awoke to this:

Of course we had to go for a walk in it!

LOOOVE how snow looks on the trees! I just don't get tired of seeing this.

Ankle deep in snow.

Our neighborhood.

The route that I used to run up until the temperature dropped below 60...
My limited winter riding clothes are not really appropriate for running (I was wearing my Kerrits Power Stretch full seat breeches during this walk), and I don't have sneakers for running in the cold/wet. We need that gym membership already...we've just had to pay off other bills instead.
His hands finally got cold.
The park that was a constant part of my running route over the summer and fall.

Well, I had to run in the snow!


I photographed this pond for the "Today's Run" series I featured here over the summer.

Jogging down the steep hill to the pond.

Charles sliding down the hill after me. He was in his work shoes, due to a lack of proper hiking/snow boots. After this adventure he finally agreed to let me buy him proper shoes!!

Pretending to be cold. :) My hubs the goof

We were all like, "Oh, let's go this other place and see what it looks like!"
What started out as a brief walk ended up being a 3-mile hike where we went from one favorite neighborhood spot to another, just to see what  everything looked like under inches of snow.

Charles's favorite of the mini-parks in our area.

And then...I went on a trail ride in the snow with Kathy!
More to follow...

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  1. Soooooo pretty! I'm jealous - all we got was freezing rain. And mud. Lots of mud:)