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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What Do You Wear in Winter Tag!

Love this idea! Started by Emmi over at My Life on Horses. To participate, link back to Emmi's post then comment on her post to let her know you're participating.

I won't deny in the least that, this being only my second winter in the North, I've taken heed from others in Blogland on what to wear for riding in Real Winters! Jen over at Cob Jockey has Raynaud's Phenomenon (a condition where circulation to the toes and fingers is compromised in situations of stress or cold) and she made a GREAT post on the winter clothes and accessories that keep her warm. I'm slowly working on getting those same things or look-alikes. I figure if those things work for her, they will work just fine for my chronically cold Puerto Rican hands and feet!

With the hard-core cold we've been having here in Maryland, I'm wearing:

- Capilene 3 long-sleeve crewneck
- for the next layer, I alternate between 3 favorites: a Patagonia Synchilla hoodie, an Avalanche half-zip fleece-lined top, and a Cuddl Duds fleece top
- ELT Lusitano fleece jacket OR wool boucle turtleneck from Victoria's Secret (yes, believe it or not, that's one of my warmest tops!)
- Free Country 3-in-1 water-resistant jacket, scored at TJ Maxx for $40 last year.
- silk-type long johns from Cuddl Duds. When it's really cold (as in 20's), I use my thicker Joe Boxer long johns
- Kerrits Power Stretch breeches I have the full seats. And Dover has them on sale today for $30 off!
- nylon sock liners from REI
- Smartwool heavyweight socks
- Kamik Acadia snow boots, purchased on Zappos on their Cyber Monday sale
- SSG 10 Below gloves
- fleece hat
* the vast majority of my winter clothes are purchased on eBay, on closeout, or at TJ Maxx. We do not pay full price for winter clothes. I refuse to pay over $100 for any clothing article when I could get 3 pieces of clothing for that same price elsewhere.

Clothes as described above.
Same clothes, but swapped out the 3-in-1 jacket for an Irideon waterproof jacket.
The safety vest acts as an extra layer of insulation.

Compare that to what I used to wear in South Florida! (During the one week of the year when temps dropped below 70 F...)
- silk-type long sleeve shirt
- microfiber shortsleeve shirt
- cotton hoodie (when not moving around, or if temps were below 65)
- jeans
- Ariat paddock boots
Otherwise, it was a short sleeve or sleeveless shirt, and I'd bring a hoodie along for when it got cooler in the afternoon:

Riding Rosalinda, a Trote-Galope mare in January of 2012.


  1. Yes it is. I will be posting tomorrow.

  2. I don't think I can really post what I wear to stay warm because I feel like no matter what i wear I'm freezing!

  3. I love it!! I'm so glad you are participating!! I totally do the same thing and buy clothes as frugally as possible, what is the point not to?!