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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Yesterday the temperature was set to drop 20 degrees overnight. It was raining and the field boarders were naked since temps were in the high 50's. I went to the barn to bathe Lily, knowing she'd be wet anyway and covered in mud from head to toe. I could then dry her off and get her set for the night with her lined sheet. The BO had said she'd switch the horses to midweights later in the evening when it dropped into the 30's.

We have hot water in the wash stall. I had just finished rubbing her down with a towel.
I'm really happy with her weight right now.

Immediately threw her cooler on after the last photo. It's from Schneider's.
Once that got saturated, it got swapped out for her Thermomanager, which doubles as a cooler.
Ahhh...the joys of blanketing...
My BO had purchased an equine Santa hat for taking photos and she let me borrow it to use on Lily. Here is the ensuing photo shoot, while waiting for her to finish drying out. 

She let me put the hat on her no problem.
But the mare faces that followed let me know exactly what she thought of the whole idea...
"This is undignified!"
She's even wrinkling her nose here!!
"This dress-up stuff is beneath me."
"Why do you humiliate me, woman?"
I honestly wasn't sure which direction the hat was supposed to go,
so I experimented putting it on backwards.
"Seriously...would you take this thing off my head please?"
"Oh wait...Is that Circe? Where is she going?"
For those of you newer to the blog, Circe is Lily's girlfriend.
Yes, Lily likes girls. Especially redheads. Circe is both.
The hat was right-side on in this photo.

Hey, whatever works to get a good picture! ;)

May they be beautiful and magical!


  1. Merry Christmas! :-)
    Lily looks really cute in her Santa hat. I once put some buckstitch gloves on Griffin's (very tall) ears to make him look like a reindeer. He would swivel an ear and would look so cute. My friend and her young daughter were with me at the time & both dissolved into giggles.
    My BO walks by as I'm doing this and says it's no wonder my horse makes faces at me all the time.
    I also got my cooler at Schneiders as well. They have nice coolers, sheets around blankets. :-)

    1. Merry Christmas Standarbredcrazy! The mental picture of Griffin wearing gloves to look like a reindeer is adorable! Haha!

      I love Schneiders's equine "clothes"! A couple of the boarders at this barn have their turnouts. One of those is next on the wish list. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Happy Holidays L! I hope with all my heart that 2014 makes up for 2013 for you.

  3. Hahahaha nice photoshoot! Totally jealous of your hot water wash rack, but I suppose it's your trade off for the cold. ;) Merry Christmas!

    1. Haha! Yes, the barn is a private facility (with lower private barn prices, too, which is really nice!), but the owners installed some rich barn luxuries, including hot water in the wash rack. :) Merry Christmas to you too, Funder!

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and C and Lily!

    1. May it be filled with Light and Love and Laughter!!

    2. Oh yours too, Karen!! <3 I hope you enjoy your time with family to the max!