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Thursday, June 20, 2013

2 Minutes

Here is a video of us walking, NOT looking like drunks (this is what she looks like on 3 mls of ace):

Oh God, and no, we don't have chickens at the barn...those were birds singing from the rafters! They don't sound that loud in person. We have a lot of little finches that hang out at the barn and pick through the horses' poop. :)
I love those finches. They showed up the second it started to warm up, back at the beginning of spring.

And here is a video of Lily's trot session today:

The footing in the indoor had not been dragged recently so it was very uneven, which is why she trips a couple of times. I've been riding her in there because it's harder than the footing in the outdoor at the moment.

We did get 2 of the counted walk, but of course today the day that we had the camera, we sucked royally at the counted walk so I'm not posting them. :p 

Distracted and hollow-backed in the beginning...


Stretching, but keeping withers up. I was really happy to see it looked exactly the way it felt!

This was my fave photo of the day. As you can tell above...

Stretching on a loose rein at the end.


  1. I wasn't able to watch the walk video, it said it was private, but she's looking a lot better!

    1. Thank you! She feels great! And thanks for the heads-up! I went back and fixed the walk video; have no idea how that got marked private. It should be visible now. :)

  2. She looks great! I also love her blingy browband.

    1. Thank you! :) The browband is one of Smartpak's Plymouth bling browbands. Only $19.76! http://www.smartpakequine.com/plymouth-decorated-browbands-by-smartpak-9054p.aspx

  3. She's lookin good! She'll be back in full action in no time!

    1. Oh I hope so! I think I'm looking forward to her going back to being a normal horse as much as she is!