"And, when you want something, the entire Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." -The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Lily and I had an uneventful ride today. Since it was cool, I gave her 5 mls of ace, waited half an hour, then tacked her up in her stall. She was super lovey on her drugs today, wanting head hugs and to have her forehead rubbed.

We did a 20 minute walk ride, and just stayed in the outdoor arena, since there was a huge gaggle of geese in the paddock. Lily was dragging her toes as she always does when sedate, but she was much perkier than she usually is despite the whopping dose of sedative. Her ears were up, and she was making an effort at being alert. This lasted all of 15 minutes - she was bored by the last 5 minutes, leaning on the bridle so I'd hold her head up for her. Haha...

I hosed off her legs and iced her hinds, since she was still a titch stocked up. With the cooler weather all of the horses had been turned out during the day, so she had stayed in the tiny stall next to Katie. I then picked her stall, gave her her AbGard, and put her away for the night with her soaked alfalfa forage and hay cubes. I started her back up on McCauley's rice bran oil about a week ago, and she has filled in again, especially along her back. I started cutting back on the alfalfa forage with the addition of the oil. Only giving 2.5 ounces of rice bran oil at the moment; I think I might be able to maintain her at her current weight on just that. 

I had started her on SmartSox about a month ago to see if it would help speed up the healing of her puncture wound. It's supposed to increase circulation to her hooves. Granted it could still be from the humidity, but I'm wondering if all of this stocking up might not be from that supplement. I started it around the same time she developed her cellulitis. I might discontinue it next month to see if it makes a difference. The alfalfa forage shouldn't be causing it, as I'm giving her only about a pound a day, more to soothe her stomach than anything else. Her grain has been cut back to about 2 lbs a day, with free choice timothy hay. She really shouldn't be stocking up, but then again her movement is so very limited in that little stall. But it's the only option for her to have a buddy while all the other horses are turned out. I'd rather she stock up a bit than pace endlessly in her stall.

Charles came with me and we brought the camera, but his parents called and he forgot to take pictures. Lol. It's not like we were doing anything different though...just more walking.

We went to .R.E.I.afterwards so I could drool over the hiking and running equipment. We got our R.E.I. membership card! Yay! At some point now we'll be able to take part in their super awesome classes!