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Friday, June 7, 2013

Lily and The Carrot

I meant to write about this awhile back, and forgot!

About 2 weeks ago now, I was doing carrot stretches with Lily. Lily likes carrots second only to Stud Muffins. She will contort herself happily in all sorts of yoga-like positions just for carrots. (I can get her to do a bow that looks like a Downward Dog. Really. Must get pictures.)

Just like that.
Photo from Cooking With Cassandra.
So on this day, I decide to do carrot stretches with her in the yard instead of in her stall. She was being goofy, cheating by twirling her body around instead of holding her position and stretching. I lined her up with the side of the barn so she couldn't swing her butt around, and she complied, reaching enthusiastically for her carrot.

A little too enthusiastically: she jabbed herself in the mouth with the tip of the carrot.

She threw her head up and tried to run away. After that, there was no getting her near the carrot. I even tried gently touching her muzzle with the fat end of the vegetable, and she did her giraffe impression, pressing her lips together, rolling her eyes at me.

We had to finish her stretches with Stud Muffins.

It was a week before she'd stretch for a carrot again.

Silly mare.

This awesomeness is by Hey Look A Plane over at Deviant Art.