"And, when you want something, the entire Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." -The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Today I stopped being a chicken shit and rode my mare without Charles around.

She was in a super sweet lovey mood. I gave her a Stud Muffin and while she munched, gave her her 4 mls of ace IM without even bothering to put her halter on. This is the least reactive she has been to the injection in a long time, and afterwards, she still turned her head around and nuzzled me, looking for another cookie.  Even though I had no more treats, she stood next to me and sniffed at my feet like she used to back in FL.

Normally, she'd shy into the corner after her injection and cower.

I think I need to buy stock in Stud Muffins. And Smartpak needs to start carrying them so I can get free shipping. On 20 lb bags.

About 15 minutes after the injection, she started looking sleepy and munching on her hay (I swear ace gives her munchies...), so I groomed her, fly-sprayed every inch of her, and tacked her up. She was super dopey coming out of the stall, but willing to go out for a ride.

That's how relaxed she was...lol
I was originally going to ride in the indoor, but chose the outdoor instead when I realized all the water from the previous day's rain had already drained out, and the footing was fairly hard and packed.

I won't deny I had the beginnings of butterflies walking down to the arena, but I breathed deeply and calmly to keep Lily from noticing.

We had a really great ride. With 4 mls, she's still dragging her toes a bit, but she will have a swing to her step. After just plodding around for the first 5 minutes, I started asking for shoulder-fore and slight counterbend. She responded to leg pressure and contact willingly. Up until that moment, she had been doing her Dragon snort, but once I engaged her mind, she stopped.

I've arrived at the conclusion that the Dragon snort = ace snort when she's sedated. She'll start doing it the minute the drug starts to kick in. She's done it before when she's upset, but today she couldn't have been more relaxed. She continued to listen to me even when the horses in the paddock next door were running around being silly.

Relaxed, alert ears.

Listening-to-me ears

Slight bend, one handed so I could take the photo.
After all of the "whoa" and "walk" repetitions on the lunge, I realized today that she will now whoa under saddle if I so much as murmur the word. AWESOME.

I was really happy with our little 20 minute ride.

Afterwards, I hand grazed her for a bit before putting her away with her mush and her haynet, and actually managed to get home and see Charles before he left work for the night.


  1. Yay for taming the dragon. I'm so glad you had a good ride.

  2. Woohoo! Further step into normal riding again :)

    1. Yes!! We'll hopefully start trotting again next week! YEAH!

  3. Sounds like it was a great ride!

    1. Thanks! It was as great as a walk-only ride can be...lol