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Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Uneventful Ride. Erm..Not Quite

Went to the barn yesterday after our 6ish mile hike, sedated the goofball with 4 mls of ace, then puttered around waiting for it to kick in.

Grooming her before tacking up, I discovered this lovely blemish:

*Silent scream*
Mare! You are locked up in a 10x10 stall! How the hell do you do this to yourself???

The swelling was localized mainly to the outside portion of her right front, just above the fetlock, where she developed a wind puff about 2 months ago. There was some swelling on the inside too, but I couldn't tell if it was just stocking up or something else. She was not lame at the walk. She was slightly off at the trot (I had my awesome wonderful husband trot her for me, despite her sedated self not really feeling up to moving faster than a shuffle), but then that's what she's been. No new head bob. Swelling was warm, but not painful.

I rode her. All we were doing was walking anyway, and if I hadn't ridden, we would have hand-walked to get the swelling down. We did 20 minutes and she was a good girl. Here's a bunch of super exciting photos of us walking (Charles takes pretty photos, so shut up. Lol)

Yeah. I was totally looking at my watch in this one...Charles didn't even notice when he took the photo.

She was pretty alert on the 4 mls.

Our expressions match.

And looking at the watch again...

I kind of like this one. Can't wait for the top of  her mane to grow out some more. The longer middle portion makes her neck look even more upside-down than it really is.

So at least the swelling went down afterwards. I cold hosed her, did an anti-fungal treatment (just in case), iced her leg, then cold hosed her some more, and then hand-grazed her with the ice boot on. The swelling had gone down even more, but not all the way.

The little golf cart Alex uses to get the horses to come down from the upper field.  They have a small amount of grain sprinkled back there so the horses stay busy while waiting to be caught and led to their stalls.
I put her away for the night after giving her her AbGard, and we went out for dinner.

We went to a California Pizza Kitchen located at an outdoor-type mall that we hadn't really explored since the winter, when it was too cold to be spending time outside (other than the barn, of course).

I clean up good. :)

Geese at the mall lake.

A trail goes around the lake. Yay more places for running!

Look! A white goose! No, it wasn't an albino Canadian goose; just a regular white domestic goose. The mean, vicious kind.

That looked like fun.

We shared a BBQ chicken pizza, had a Blue Moon and a half each, and the most amazing berries with vanilla cream for dessert. We were surprised to discover that California Pizza Kitchen is quite a bit cheaper than Matchbox, a local oven fired pizza restaurant. We've gone to Matchbox a couple of times because the ambience is so cool, but it's on the pricier side and we've been underwhelmed by the pizza. We'll probably give them one more try before giving up on them for California PK.

We were pooped by the end of the day.

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