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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today's Run: Listening

Today's Photos
Lilies. Can't find the name of the exact type.
Taken during warmup walk.
Asiatic lilies.
Taken during warm-up walk.

The grass on the left is used for landscaping around here.
Every time I see it, I want to rip out handfuls to take to Lily!

Remember that path I found on the last run around the neighborhood?
Ran past the parking lot, and discovered that the path continues beyond, and doubles back on itself.

View along the path. One of the many Forest Retention Areas aka reservoirs around here.  There is a rule in MD that for  x amount of acreage you build on, you have to plant trees on x amount of acreage. They stick to this rule, too! It's why we have rabbits and deer in our neighborhood...

...and gophers!!! This fella was eating grass next to the sidewalk along one of the main streets!
Hydrangeas. If they hadn't been growing on the bush, I would have thought they were dyed! Unreal color.
Taken during cooldown walk.
Flamingo windmill.
Taken during my cooldown walk.
Today's Run
5 minute walk warm-up, then 30 minutes jogging with the goal of making run sets as long as possible. Walk breaks couldn't be more than 1 minute long; 30 seconds ideal. Used the stopwatch function on my phone, which meant having to get out of the stopwatch function to take the pics, but I was excited about the stuff I discovered today. The weather was nice: in the high 70's, humid (I don't mind humidity; this is nothing compared to the island and S.FL) yet windy, and hazy/overcast. It felt like storms might roll in again this afternoon, but it was great for running.

My legs were fatigued from the weekend at work, which is the main reason why I decided to just listen to my body today. (We saw 25 emergencies in a 12 hour period on Sunday alone. 25!!! Job security for sure. But you bet I did not walk Lily that night; just ran to the barn, cleaned her stall, gave her her AbGard and alfalfa/cube mush, and hightailed it home where I dived head-first into bed after a quick dinner. MAN...)

My sets started out 2 minutes long running with 30 second walks, then started ramping it up. My longest run set was 6 minutes, which I was excited about. Took a minute walk break, and then discovered I was incapable of running, even jogging, more than exactly 1 and a half minutes. Frustrating. Did 3 sets like this, with 30 second walk breaks, and was then able to increase again to 2 minutes run/30 seconds walk x2, and finished with a 3 minute run. Walked for 5 minutes to cooldown.

I had set aside some of Lily's insurance money for my own legs: I ordered new shoes from Zappos. Going off of the Runner's World Summer Shoe Guide, their Shoe AdvisorBeka's posts, and L. Williams comments on Beka's blog, I decided to give Brooks a whirl. I've always been a diehard Asics fan since I had my stride analyzed a million years ago after almost tearing my left Achilles tendon running with incorrect shoes. (I'll write about that sometime.) Discovered that, unlike the majority of the population, I'm not an overpronator: my stride is neutral to mild supinator (aka underpronator), so I didn't need corrective shoes, I needed shoes with cushioning. I ordered these:

Brooks Ghost 5
For running. Can't wait to try them on!

Asics Gel-Cumulus 14
For work. They have a little support, but are supposed to be extra-cushiony. I chose a similar fit in my previous work Asics, and they worked really well for the last 2 years, even during my time working overnights as a relief tech (my legs become extra-fatigued on overnights-not so with those sneaks). I would have gone for the 15s, but these were on sale.
And in case anyone's noticed in my photos of Charles when he comes running with me: yes, we're also trying to get him shoes! We're on our second Zappos return...hopefully the 3rd time is the charm. The man has no clue what shoe size he is, apparently. He told me 11.5, yet 12s were still too tight: his toe was jamming against the front of the shoe. It made me wonder about the fit of all of his current shoes...he owns 11.5s and 12s.


  1. Replies
    1. My faves were the hydrangeas! I thought the yellow and red lilies were tiger lilies, but as it turns out, I think they're just another type of Asiatic lily. I had forgotten tiger lilies are orange with black spots...you'd think I'd remember, since my mare is named after them! :)

  2. Hope that you love the Brooks! I can't believe I wore Adidas trail shoes for so long now. And the Ghost 4s are what I ran my half-marathon in. :)

    1. I do love them! Actually wore them to work today because I sent back the Asics so I can get a 2nd pair of Brooks instead. :) Good to know you had an awesome experience with the Ghosts too!