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Friday, May 10, 2013

15 Minutes' Worth of Photos

All 4 of Lily's legs were stocked up again today, the fronts only slightly so, the left hind definitely, and the right only slightly less than the left. The legs weren't super hot, so I'm still attributing this to the current case of rain rot she has going on that I started treating yesterday. It's on the front and backs of her cannon bones on both hind legs, and on her hock on the left hind. She'll get rain rot in response to being poulticed, and I'm willing to bet the hardcore antibiotic treatment predisposed her to the fungal infection. The swelling went down with an initial 15 minute hand walk, during which Dr. R actually texted to see how Lily was taking her rides! Haha...I told her about yesterday's events, and she gave the okay to do more frequent hand walks or continue riding in the arena as long as she felt okay, so that I could stay safe.

Lily got aced today with the same amount as yesterday - 4 mls, by mouth, using honey on the syringe. I gave her a full hour to let the drug kick in, taking Jezebel for a walk in the meantime, and setting up all of Lily's tack.

Charles came out to hold her for me while I got on, and hung around for the following 15 minutes while we rode. Lily's back is SUPER sore right now from compensating for her injury, and I was really expecting her to be bad, especially since she looked less dopey than yesterday. She was an angel, but I was also really careful to not shift at all in the saddle, remain as quiet and still as possible, and just let her pick her pace at the walk. This worked well. Charles took a million photos. Here's a bunch of them:

We did one circle around the arena to check where Lily's mind was at...

Up the incline leading out of the arena. This is where she bucked yesterday!

Cinder, BQ's new horse, and Ramsey who's been keeping him company, were out of our paddock so I rode Lily in there.

She was a good girl

Miss Dopey-Pants...*lol*

She totally leaned her neck against me. This is how low her head was hanging. Charles was laughing while taking these.

Stroking her forelock. Goofy mare :)
I'm cleared to ride her 6 days a week, but I think I'm only going to ride for 3 to start out. I think it would really hurt her back too much, even with it only being 15 minutes. So the plan is to ride on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and on Wednesdays maybe try long lining, eventually adding in Monday evenings too for long lining once she's used to them. I purchased a set of long lines during our last visit to Dover precisely for this purpose.

After the ride, I treated her hind legs for the rain rot with Ketochlor soap, leaving it on for 5 minutes, rinsing, repeating, and then applying some of Dr. G's antifungal medication. I had purchased a jar from him before leaving FL.

Still quite dopey after her antifungal treatments

Love when I catch her looking for me :)
I then hand-grazed her for about 20 minutes, but it was starting to get cloudy again and I had to get home. I've been hand-grazing her on the lunge so she can wander around more. Lily managed to step on her lunge line and break it yet again, but she was SO good about it! She gave a frightened snort "That was scary!", then went right back to eating grass - no spooking, no running away. Phew! I tied yet another knot in the lunge line to reattach the missing length, and Lily made me laugh when she lifted her head, sniffed at the knot as I was finishing it, and gave another huge snort. "So scary!" Right back to eating grass.

Shortly after, I had her back on the cross ties to pick her stall and wrap her hoof. Her hinds started to stock up again as she was standing there. Sigh. I hope that improves with the antifungal treatments. I still believe the current stocking up and swelling is from the rain rot. She scared the bejeezus out of me a week after I first bought her when both hinds blew up overnight. It was a horrible case of fungus: she had to be on oral antibiotics and topical treatments for it for a month. As soon as she started to respond to the treatment, the swelling went away. This was before I started the blog.

We'll see how she does over the weekend. I'll be out in the evenings after work to walk her and treat her.


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    1. How did you guess? Haha... Yeah, I decided I'm letting it grow until she can be turned out again, just so I have something to grab in the meantime!

  2. Hope the stocking up clears up

    1. It finally did today! Was getting worried there for a minute...

  3. I'm glad she was a good girl! I love her face markings :)