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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today's Run: Drills

Today's Photos
Slope where I did hill sprints.

Was trying to get the green & white leaves on this tree, but got an AWESOME lens flare instead!

Today's Workout
Went solo today. Still feeling tired. Went around 1:30 pm instead of in the late morning, and paid dearly: it was in the 90's today, and even the wind was hot. Went to the big park, and every time the breeze picked up, it was like someone was opening an oven. Still not as humid as South FL, but officially and without a doubt, it was HOT. Decided to do drills to keep it interesting.
7 minute walk warm-up
2 minutes jog
2 minutes walk
1 minute hill sprints (on slope above; sprint up, run down)
1 minute jog
1 minute walk
10 minutes drills 
(same as last drills day, alternating 1 minute each drill with 30 seconds walking. Added running backwards as one of the drills)
2 minutes walk
2 minutes jog
2 minutes walk
1 minute hill sprints (on steep incline, like last time I did hill sets)
1 minute jog
10 minute walk cooldown

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