"And, when you want something, the entire Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." -The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo

Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Rode

Charles went to the barn this afternoon with me so I could ride my mare. I had run out of Robaxin today, and the new order of medication arrived later, once we were back home. But even so, the goofball's back wasn't fingertip-sore anymore, so we went ahead with our plans. Lily was sedated with 5 mls of Ace IM, which involved a tango dance in her stall, but she received her injection, and this was her 20 minutes later:

I tacked her up in her stall. She was super lovey, and didn't even care about the girth being tightened (I always tighten only a couple of holes at a time, and don't finish tightening all the way until right before mounting up.)

Dopey. Charles thought it was hysterical.

Making an effort at alertness...

I was super nervous about getting on. PTSD? I had to force myself to breath slowly and deliberately, trying to hide how I was feeling from her. Walking to the arena, I wished I had some sedative for myself!!

As it turns out, she was perfect. I had put the rope halter on underneath the bridle in case Charles had to pony us around again, but it wasn't necessary. She walked off exclusively on voice command.

At one point we walked over the ground poles. She was oddly enthusiastic about them; it was pretty funny.

By here I had relaxed.

30 second video of Lily sleep walking.

She was a good girl.

Charles, Lily and me.

Since the ride was all of 15 minutes, I hand-walked her for an extra 10 minutes in the big field, tack still on. I left the curb chain dangling on purpose for the hand walk.


I was laughing at her. Like I said, she was practically sleep walking.
Heat always makes her lethargic too; we probably would have been fine on just 3 or 4 mls of Ace.
I'll think about it for next time...

Charles called this one "Dinnertime."

The guys with the feed cart making the rounds. Note that the fans are up! It was HOT!