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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Photos: The Kitties

I don't talk too much about these two here, but they are a constant in our lives. Astarte is often on the desk next to me, in front of the computer screen, or in my lap while I write. She is a snuggler, despite being a calico.
Usually the first thing I do when I get home from work or the barn is play tag with Aengus. He'll run around the house to be chased, and then chase me back when I run away from him. He's such a cool cat!

Astarte in all her lazy rug-climbing glory
Her ears were super pink and warm from the sun.


Yup, lazy girl!


Aengus trying to be discreet around the old lady.

Aw shucks!

The bathtub is his playpen...that scrap of fur is what's left of his toy rat from when he was a kitten. It used to be bigger than him! He loves picking up his toys in his mouth, running into the bathroom, and leaping into the tub to play with them. I think he doesn't realize he's a cat...he plays fetch, too! Aengus is the kitten we adopted from the Montgomery County Humane Society in December; he's going to be a year old in July!

He has the most adorable personality.

Love her. Astarte is a Puertorrican shorthair.  My brother adopted her as a 9 month old kitty from The Humane Society of Puerto Rico. When he moved to Ohio, he couldn't take her. She had always been my fave of our 3 cats, so with his permission, my mom brought her to FL for me during one of her visits. Astarte rode in the car with us for the 17 hour trip to Virginia. This was her first real winter ever! She is 13 years old.

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