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Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Ride, Another Walk

Since this was the temperature today

I decided to only go with 4 mls of Ace for Lily. Gave it IM, we did another tango.

Her legs were super stocked up, all 4 of them, but especially the hinds. Swelling was cool to the touch though, and she was not painful, confirming the stocking up diagnosis.

Did our first 5 minutes in the arena, decided I liked the way her head was screwed on today, so we moved to the paddock, where we walked for another 15 minutes. She was still quite sedate, but once in the paddock, she had a little more spring in her step.

Then it was shower time and ice time.

Because I'm paranoid about stocking up and ice never hurts.
Shiny pony
She went back into her stall after hand grazing, with her rubber feeder full of alfalfa forage, T&A hay cubes, drizzled with Ration Plus (a prebiotic) and rice bran oil. She had lost a lot of topline on stall rest (she's just starting to look good again now); I'm hoping this helps bring it back.

And that was it for today.

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