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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We have moved enough that I know that 6 months after a move, I'm hit with major nostalgia for the place we left. I don't miss South FL. But I do miss my barn there. I miss being in charge of my horse's care; I miss having Lily 5 minutes from our house, I miss my barn friends. I miss Mark and Dianne, and hanging out with them on the weekends. I also really miss Diana. We were in charge of the evening feed and turnout during the week, and it was something I looked forward to every day. We'd talk about our jobs, the barn, the horses, give each other support, and make one another laugh when the other was down. On nights when Charles was working and both her and I were off the next day, we'd do random stuff together after the barn, like go grocery shopping, or go grab a bite to eat before heading home. We stay in touch by phone but I miss her just the same. Especially when doing silly things like fly spraying Lily (Diana is the one that turned me on to Absorbine UltraShield Red. The bottle I'm using now was purchased during one of our last visits to the warehouse together) or when I go to the store after the barn.

Lily had an easy weekend. Sally walked her for me on Saturday afternoon, and I walked her for 20 minutes in the evenings after work on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Just straight line walks, either up the street or in the big field. Started mixing alfalfa forage with her hay cubes, and she's finally wolfing the stuff down like she's supposed to. Have continued the GastroGard, and her belly is much better! Her back has responded marvelously to the Robaxin, too. No more flinching when I run a finger down her back on her saddle area.

It was hot with a cool breeze when I got to the barn at 12:30 pm. All of the horses were inside due to the heat. I put the rope halter, bridle, saddle pad and surcingle with side reins on Lily, and we did 25 minutes of walk work in the big field: 5 minute warm-up walk in straight lines, 10 minutes with side reins (5 minutes in each direction), then 10 minutes with side reins and lunge line threaded through bit ring and clipped to surcingle to work on bend (5 minutes in each direction). Lily then got a bath and we hand grazed with her ice boot. She was a really good girl for everything.

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  1. Nostalgia is comfortable. I've moved a lot too but never out of my state.