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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WW: Today's HIKE!

Tried going for a run yesterday, but it was 50 degrees!! I don't have appropriate running gear for weather that chilly, so I chose to just go to the barn.

Today we were originally going to go to Cabin John, a trail in the DC area that is over 150 miles long (we weren't going to do that distance, but there was plenty of walking that could be done on it!), but we woke up to a rather bipolar day, and after getting delayed for 2 hours by an uncooperative hyperactive mare at the barn during what was supposed to be a quick 15 minute walk, we decided to just stay in our area and went to the park by the barn, where all of the trails I've ridden connect to.

We did the Percheron Trail, which was the trail where Lily exploded back in April (really? It was just last month?).

Here are the photos:

I was taking a call from a friend in FL, who was very worried about his dog.

The long bridge. If you go to the link above, this is the bridge I talked about in that post, where Lily wasn't even fazed. 

Rock Creek runs under that bridge.
Yes, I'm wearing super-dorky anti-tick clothes. When we left the house it was still overcast and chilly; I thought I'd get cold in shorts anyway. Of course the sun came out while we were on the trail, making us feel sorry for not having gone to Cabin John after all...

The tunnel. The trail goes right through it. Houdan was afraid that one time we went through here, but Lily didn't care.

Charles was really excited about the deer. He hasn't seen as many as I have since we moved here, since he's spent more time overall in the city. We saw about 6 of them total on the trail. One of them was only 5 feet away from Charles when we noticed her!
So insanely GREEN!

This was exactly the spot where Lily exploded. Houdan was up by where the shade on  the trail is.
It is so much greener now!
Abandoned & graffitied barn by the trail. Of course my ever curious husband had to go check it out...
We liked this one. Inside the barn.

This was close to the part where Tina and I had turned around, after an encounter with  some Canadian geese. Charles and I continued on past this point.

Charles made a wish
When we reached this part, I was really glad I'd worn jeggings and socks over  the pant legs, dorky as it looked...
Trail winds up...

Trail winds down.

Loved the light here.

Part of the trail that winds around what used to be a corn field.

It was a 5.4 mile round-trip, which we completed in exactly 2 hours. We had a great time, and were only a little tired afterwards. I think we could have done twice that distance before really feeling beat. So this was my sub for today's run. :)


  1. Wow, that's insanely beautiful hiking. I miss the lush green of the east coast!

    1. We're trying to go hiking once a week when the weather permits. It's gorgeous! The green reminds me of, of all places, Puerto Rico. Only in the rainforests over there have I seen so much green.