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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Recheck Ultrasound

Lily had her recheck ultrasound yesterday. It has been a little over a month since the diagnosis of her injury.

Dr. R had her tech trot Lily up and down the driveway, and was very happy with her progress. She only has a slight hitch at the trot now, compared to a month ago. We then took her into one of the wash stalls for the ultrasound. Despite being in heat, Lily was a spectacularly good girl, and didn't need to be sedated this time around.

We had 2 other things to look at this time, other than Lily's annular ligament.
1. Her check ligament, which is still enlarged after her cellulitis last month.
2. Her sesamoids. Remember that fleck on her radiographs?

Dr. R found that Lily's check ligament is definitely enlarged on ultrasound, but other than that there is nothing wrong with it. She had no explanation as to why this had happened, but given Lily's improvement in terms of soundness, she wasn't concerned about it. She said Lily might always have an enlarged check ligament; like the annular ligament, it's one of those ligaments that once stretched/enlarged, tend to stay that way.

There was a huge improvement in her annular ligament. Most of the fluid is gone from that area.

The sesamoids were harder to look at with the probe, but everything looked good there as well!

Dr. R wants me to continue walking Lily under saddle, working up to 30 minutes total over the next 3 weeks. At the 3rd week, we'll do another lameness check, and if everything looks good, we can start trotting!

Lily's back is much improved on the Robaxin only, and she has stopped being sensitive about her belly with the GastroGard. The Abgard arrived today, after waiting for 2 weeks. Apparently it is shipped from India! I'd never seen Indian stamps before.

Today was the hottest day to date for this late spring/early summer, and the horses were left indoors for the day. The guys put up the stall fans, too. Since the big field was empty, I tacked Lily up with the dressage saddle and side reins, and took her out for a 25 minute lunge walk. She was a good girl.

She received a bath afterwards, and was hand-grazed while drying out.

Lily says this is a comfortable way to graze.

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