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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today's Run

This weekend at work was crazy. I work 12 hour shifts Saturdays through Mondays, so of course I worked the holiday, too. In the veterinary ER, holidays = busy days, because your regular general practitioner vet will be closed.

On Saturday, we saw 21 emergencies between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. 
On Sunday, we saw 16 emergencies between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. Sure, they were less, but they were more involved than the cases we saw on Saturday, so we needed the extra time between patients. Several of them were STATs. (Our receptionists call Triages and STATs. Triages are just to call a tech up to the lobby to check on the patient and get a history; STATs mean the patient is in life-threatening condition and we must get it NOW. STATs involve lots of sprinting, often while carrying or carting on a gurney patients weighing over 50 lbs). At one point, we had 4 STATs come in at once. One of our STATs was super, super critical and needed to be stabilized before he could have life-saving emergency surgery, and needed constant monitoring. He was in the ER for a good 6 hours before he had improved enough to go into the OR.
On Monday, we saw 19 emergencies, 16 of those between 6:00 am and 1:00 pm. Half of them had problems that probably could have waited until the next day to be seen by their regular vet (ear infections, anal glands that needed to be expressed, hot spots, etc.), and the other half had multiple vague symptoms that required radiographs and bloodwork to try to identify the problem.

I love when it's busy. It is exhausting, but I much prefer that to it being slow. However, by Monday night, I felt like I had run a 3-day marathon. My feet and my legs were killing me; I didn't get to sit down on any of those days until I was driving home. I have separate running shoes for work, and this is the first time I've been that sore after a weekend of work. (I think it might be time for new work shoes...) I went to the barn after work to give Lily her GastroGard, but she didn't get walked on Saturday or Sunday because I was pulverized.

I took Tuesday off from running; my body just needed it. 

Today's Photos

Today's Workout:
Went with Charles, who had just come out of an overnight shift. We were both tired, him from last night and me still recovering from the weekend.
8 minute walk warm-up
2 minutes run, 3 minutes walk x6
We were really feeling the inclines, and started making a joke out of it. By our last running set, which of course was up a slope, we were trying to get the other to talk while running (not an easy feat at that point), and I ended up chasing him uphill trying to spank him, while he plucked leaves from the trees we were passing, throwing them back at me (yes, we are strange people). I passed him running and then sped up, forcing him to have to run faster up the slope for an extra minute (I carry the watch for the sets). So that last set was 3 minutes. "That was easy!" Charles said, gasping. Uh-huh.
We then cooled down for 10 minutes in a different neighborhood park:

First part of Charles's cool down

Demonstrating how easy it is for him to do the monkey bars. One-handed!
Yes Charles. Except your feet are on the ground. *lol*
Life with Charles is never boring!


  1. Y'all are goofy. Hope your upcoming week is a lot more chill!